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Mark Phelan

My first lessons in life photography came as a energetic teen buying my first 35mm Practica MTL 50 camera with my left over confirmation money. Over time my interest and focus centered on faces and the story that is conveyed through a persons eyes.

As a keen sports enthusiast and with a deep love for badminton I also travel the professional badminton circuit as official photographer to Badminton Europe which in itself poses its own low light challenges on a continuous basis. 

In recent years I have also found myself drawn to images from above and now offer a full aerial photography service where I specialise in Golf course Fly-Thru's and property photography

In today's busy working world I understand the need to be flexible in my own working environment. Equipment wise I use the full range of top of the line Canon equipment for everything on the ground and from the air I use the DJI aerial platforms which are the market leader in aerial photography. 


Tel: 087 7781635